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Truck Signage

Sign Age Brisbane has decades of experience in signwriting your truck or trailer.  Our team are experienced in signwriting and placing graphics on all types of trucks and truck surfaces.  Our friendly team can assist you with design, maintenance and cost of your truck signage.  Trucks are the workhorses of any business, and they can spend upwards of 12 hours per day on the road or in visible places.  For this reason alone it is imperative that your truck is advertising your business, whilst it is working for you.  If you have a recognisable logo or brand you should ensure that your truck has this prominently displayed.  A website address and phone number are also useful for many business’.  Like vehicle signage it is important that you don’t bombard the public with too much information – your brand, type of business and contact details are more than sufficient.

When thinking of truck signage, you should also think about the signage for your trailer.  We are experienced in all types of truck signage, including application to various surfaces such as taut liners, solid body trucks and open sided trucks.  If the paintwork of your truck or trailer is in good condition you can use vinyl lettering on top of the existing paintwork.  Alternatively you can have a full truck wrap.  For taut liner trailers that require rejuvenation we can spray the curtains  with a flexible 2 pack.   If required, Sign Age Queensland can mask an area and place your logo on the curtains, ensuring a brand new looking truck or trailer without the cost.