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LED Signs

LED Signage Technology

Signage Brisbane is a leader in the field of LED or light emiting diode technology and their applications.  They are the new green alternative to traditional neon and incandescent lite signage.  The advantages of this product are many including:  energy efficient (therefore they are a great alterative for the budget conscious); 10 times longer life expentency than traditional lighting; as the run on 12 volts they are a much safer alternative.  For these reasons LED signage is becoming exceptionally popular to both indoor and outdoor signage. The major benefit of these great signage systems is their overall brightness, they are at least twice as bright, ensuring that your sign will be noticed.

LED technology is advancing very quickly, and for this reason brightness, lenght of life and energy efficiency are improving dramatically all the time.

Not only are LED signs cheaper to run and brighter, they are also a great alternative for those who might want to move their sign, such as exhibition and trade shows.  Having an LED lite sign will ensure that you stand out from your competitors at any of these events.  They are also light weight in comparison to neon and incandescent, and are much more sturdy and robust.

LED signs are not just for small signage such as underawing and trade shows, their use is becoming increasingly popular for large application such as crane booms and high rise and multi storey buildings.

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